April 4, 2020
Escape From Seattle, Show 1 of 3
with Stereo Creeps, Devilbilt, & The Deadrones
The Kraken, Seattle

March 14, 2020
with Burien & Ball Bag
Tim's Tavern, Seattle

Nov 1st, 2020
Halloween Too!
with White City Graves, Uncle Lord, War Puppy
Darrell's Tavern, Shoreline

August 23rd, 2019
with Thee Deception, Millhouse, & 29A
Lucky Liquor, Tukwila

July 13, 2019
Darrell's Tavern 2nd Annual Lot Party
Darrell's Tavern, Shoreline

June 1, 2019
with Greenriver Thrillers, Kled, & Raw Blast
Black Zia Cantina, Burien

May 11 2019
Downstream 3, Day 2
Darrell's Tavern, Shoreline

Jan 17 2019
with Sky Giants & 29A
Tim's Tavern, Seattle

Dec 21 2018
Holiday Show
with Burien & Ball Bag
Tim's Tavern, Seattle

Nov 16 2018
Earwig Fest
The Substation, Seattle

Oct 13 2018
with The Hard Rocks & 25¢ Ride
The Parliament, Seattle

Sept 22 2018
with Slut Penguin, Suicide Jockey
Manette, Bremerton

Sept 21 2018
with Loud Motor (Loud's Birthday), Dead on Cue, Mud on my Bra
Lucky Liquor, South Seattle

Aug 17 2018
with The Sky Giants, Granite Waves, The Deadrones
The Valley, Tacoma WA

Aug 3 2018
with Pukesnake, Uncle Lord, The Grindylow
Sky Penis Album Release
Darrell's Tavern, Shoreline WA

May 22 2018
with Nordus, Celia, Scorpiknox
at the High Dive, Seattle

April 5th 2018
with Sunless, Rose's Thorn
at the Skylark, Seattle

March 16 2018
with Nephilim Rising, The Deadrones
at Wally's House of Booze, Wenatchee WA

Dec 30 2017
with Hornss, Josephine Chopper
at Darrell's Tavern, Shoreline WA

Sept 30 2017
with Narcoptic, Four Fathoms, Thunderhound
at Darrell's Tavern, Shoreline WA

Aug 26 2017
with Burien, The Weirdons
at Georgetown Music, Seattle

July 26 2017
with The Hard Rocks, Radioshark, Quicknine
The High Dive, Seattle

July 15 2017
with Thunderhound, Heavy Petting
Wally's House of Booze, Wenatchee WA

July 1 2017
with DirtClodFight, Pukesnake, 29A
Darrell's Tavern, Shoreline, WA

May 6 2017
with Young Pioneers, Ball Bag
Slim's Last Chance Saloon, Seattle

April 25 2017
with Klaw, Devil to Pay
Tim's Tavern, Seattle

Feb 25 2017
with The Accused A.D., Weirdons, Toe Tag
Slim's Last Chance Saloon, Seattle

Feb 17 2017
with Corrosive Company, Knuckle Sandwich
Manette, Bremerton, WA

Jan 26 2017
with Power Skeleton, Sun Crow
Parliament, Seattle

Aug 27 2016
with Willie and the Whips, As of Right Now

July 2, 2016
with Jugs of Blood, Power Skeleton, Wrecked Ohms, Corrosive Company Acoustic
Darrell's Tavern, Shoreline Seattle

June 17 2016
with Wizard Rifle, Zirakzigil, Rile
Victory Lounge, Seattle

June 7 2016
Grotesque Gorelesque
Substation, Seattle

April 29 2016
Slim's Last Chance Saloon, Seattle
with Stereo Creeps, Trees and Timber, Patrick Galactic

April 7 2016
Substation, Seattle
with Greenriver Thrillers, Jerkagram, The Deadrones

Feb 5 2016
Slim's Last Chance Saloon, Seattle
with The Devil Bores Me & Toe Tag

Jan 22 2016
Tim's Tavern, Seattle
with Balsa, The Stuntmen, and Whorechata

Dec 11 2015
Lucky Liquor, Tukwila, WA
with Greenriver Thrillers, Klaw, 29A

October 29 2015
Darrell's Tavern, Seattle
with Greenriver Thrillers, Infinite Flux

September 4 2015
Manette Saloon, Bremerton WA
with Corrosive Company, The Deadrones

August 23 2015
Funhouse @ El Corazon, Seattle
with Pink Muscles, The Snubs

August 20 2015
Darrell's Tavern, Seattle
with Son of Man, Dogstrum

July 7 2015
Darrell's Tavern, Seattle
with The Kings of Cavalier, 29A

May 16 2015
Lucky Liquor Tavern, Tukwila
with Powerskeleton, Balsa, Pink Muscles

May 15 2015
Tim's Tavern, Seattle
Money Mike's Birthday Bash
with Ace Diamond Bimbos, Die Nasty

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